Letter for you..

Dear Next Year Freshman,  Your year can go a lot of different ways, Its all about what you make it. Try not to get sucked into the drama or the fantasies you have about girls or boys or whoever you like. Make this year about you, this is the year that decides who your going to be in life, look around there’s so much of this world to explore and believe me when I say I had it rough,  this was probably the craziest year of my life. You have to grow up but not too fast, you have to do this but not that.. this, this, that and the third. Be you. The people you call your friends now probably wont be here by the end of the year or in any of the years following, who is popular right now wont be later on, those who are hood are so savage and that’s what you want to do too. They say all the greats are either dead or in jail, you are willing to give up your life, the free world and some cat for some chains and paddy-wacker in a cave. I think not!! (excuse my french…) Keep your head up, listen to some A Boogie, Spoken Reasons, and Kendrick Lamar and study!!! You’ll be alright. The streets don’t love nobody and darling it take a fool to learn that even love don’t love no body. And like Madea said people are like trees You have the leaves, the branches and then you have the roots. The leaves are only good for giving shade to you every now and again then they fall and wither away. Then you got the branches, which you have to be careful with those because they can fool you into thinking they’re roots and as soon as you step out there on them they break. And everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with very few good roots than that is all you’ll need. People don’t even got to know that they know you but they’ll be in your corner no matter what. Still people change like the seasons they grow apart so don’t cry over spilled milk because everything will be okay maybe not today or tomorrow but eventually. Anyways, try and have fun. Duces!  XD

Catalog Poem

First they met, it was love at first sight

Then they fell deeper than the ocean

They conquered the world and made love till the sun rose

They lived in a fantasy world. Just the two of them.

He the King and she the Queen.

Queen got kicked from her thrown and replaced with a Princess.

The Queen became a Wicked Witch.

‘Count Out Three’ (Commenting Games)

For this weeks challenge directions were to comment on one students blog then someone from their comments wwe comment there and repeat the same thing three times and then write a post about it. I commented on The King of Fun, continuing the story about the monkeys and gorilla escaping from the zoo. His post reminded me of my favorite summer time tv show based on the book by James Patterson called ZOO. Which was about animal behavioral changes and the animal apocalypse and a secret government group was formed to save the animals and humanity. You can watch on Netflix or on tv when it comes on. (Channel is CBS, On Season Three, Airs Summer seventeen. Stay tuned!!!) I also commented on Jenaś lovely blog about being a good digital citizen, she explains the topic better but please please go check out their blogs. (Links are under the paragraph below.) P.S. Please go check out Susan´s blog: Reading through new heights. I commented there as well.   xD  <3


The Gorilla: King of Fun

The Gorrila

Kelly, Colleen. gorilla12.jpg. 2009. Pics4Learning. 13 Apr 2017

One day there was a smart gorilla that had been trying to get out for years and this day he escaped from his cage

When the zoo keepers came he looked in the cage and there was nothing in the cage. The gorilla was found in the monkey cage and he was breaking everything and then the monkey escaped.

To continue my story please leave a comment.




  1. Dear Cooper,
    I like the gorilla picture. The gorilla looks confused. I’m happy and sad that the gorilla escaped from his cage. I enjoy that the gorilla went from his cage to the monkeys, and since he was breaking everything the monkeys escaped. You should continue the story. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Come and check out my blog @ http://hmsjena.edublogs.org.

  2. Have you ever saw the movie “Planet of the apes” or the 2nd movie “Dawn of the Apes” if you have I have a question. Can they really learn how to like speak certain words?

  3. Dear Cooper. Wow, you chose the perfect gorilla picture for your story! You can almost see him thinking and planning his escape. Too bad he only got as far as the monkey cage. Maybe he should go to New York city.

  4. FInish the story: The Gorilla and the monkeys made their way to the storage room where they found all their food supply. They greedily ate almost all the bananas and then began running through the zoo teasing all the other animals that they were out. The gorilla suggested that they should go to the aquarium where they could play with the fishes. The littlest monkeys agreed and followed him. Prior to his escape these little monkeys tormented him and called him names and now was the time for his payback. The first littlest monkey followed his brother but didn’t think this was such a good idea because of all the bad stuff they did to him. WHen they got to the fishes the gorilla said “OH My it such is hot guys.. I dare you to go for a swim!!” he said to the other little monkey…….. TO BE CONTINUED

    You have a really good blog and I cant wait to see more from you. You should come check out my blog AK247

Jena’s Blog:Digital Citizen

Dear Jena,
Your blog is really great and I love the black and mint color pattern on your blog. Now I agree with the fact that everyone needs to improve as a digital citizen. I also buy things online and use the internet for pretty much everything.

Come check out my blog: AK247

Reading through new heights 

Thank you so much for the chance to be able to do this. Your blog looks spectacular and I will be showboating your blog on my own for this weeks blogging challenge. Blogging has been fun and I look forward to continue maybe not on edublogs but elsewhere. You should come check out my blog: AK247

Book Bloggers

***(Please GO check them out esp. if you loveeeeee reading books!!!)

I have yet to read this book but it seems like it is a really good book and I will check this out!! Have you ever read MItch Albom’s book The Five People You meet IN Heaven? That is a really good story too. They even made a movie which I recently seen about a few years ago. It haI have not read this book. BUt I will be sure to look into it. Great work for evaluating the book. AK247

Wolf Canyon Reading News CLub

Your blog it is beautiful. Check out my blog: https://akweaver.edublogs.org/s five different lessons and it would be great for your class. Please come check out my blog!!! AK247


Digital Tracks

A digital footprint is what everyone has that exists on the internet due to their online activity. From your time of birth to your time of death you leave digital tracks from your sonogram, early childhood, school, work, family, spare and fun time on social media to the autopsy reports to funeral arrangements. My digital footprint is positive. When I googled my name school projects, schooling information, facebook accounts, my fiance,my prezi/powerpoint accounts, my books on wattpad, and I have one or two pictures of my face on google. My instagram is a private account, if it wasn’t my instagram would also be on google along with my emails and other things I’ve already listed. 

Privacy Student Intro-DIgital Footprinting

Youth & Media




Wattpad~ Stories You’ll Love

Whatever you’re into, it’s all free on Wattpad: the world’s largest community for readers and writers.

  • Here you are able to read other people’s stories and write your own. Great place to start your passion of writing and sharing stories. Opportunities may arise such as Watty Awards.. (THE WATTYS-2016) “Calling all Wattpadders! Always dreamed of seeing your name in the spotlight among other celebrated authors? Enter Wattpad’s annual writing awards-the Wattys-and you just might! Whether you’ve got a passion for personal essays, fanfiction, poetry, short stories, graphic novels, or any other genre, we want to hear from you! Don’t miss your chance and enter the world’s largest online writing contest. Entry is free and easy to submit your story – just tag it #Wattys2016.”  Wattpad.01 

Check Me Out On Wattpad. I have many Works in Progress and Editor Needed!! Haven’t had time to go through and edit fully.  Wattpad 



  • HER STORY: I am Guardian Kylette Sir or G.K. for short. This is a story about a Princess named Ana and it’s up to her to save her kingdom from Ali Van Rowe. He thirsts for power and for the knowledge of what is in the book… There isn’t a lot of people that we can trust but we still have to complete our mission. I tell you this true story about a world inside yours. If we don’t succeed it could be the end of your world and ours. #Wattys2015

To The Moon


Dean is a normal teenage guy to the world but in reality he is far from normal. He and his family is different from the average family. A mating ritual turns his life even more upside down. He is mated with someone outside of the pack which is a rare and special pairing! One Lycan mate experiences this in every pack but WHY HIM!? Ember James is a normal teenage girl and she is into music and the mysterious of life. She attends Road Runner High and has a select few friends but she usually keeps to herself, or talks to her dearest friend and/or her boyfriend. There’s a new kid in her small town of Gene’s Riverside who intrigues her. Once their paths cross personally she is in for a ride of her life. Can Dean have found his mate? Can Ember hold on and leave her life behind? But What about the evil that hides in the deepest part of the forest..


Also available Spring Break, Every Road, and Her Story. Offline books are sold out but included One Last Time, DЯAMA, The Test and Ours. 


My Familia

poem by:  https://akweaver.edublogs.org

Family is important. Family is LOVE. Family is blood. Family is trust.

My “family” isn’t close and my family has issues. This blogging assignment isn’t my favorite. This isn’t a topic I enjoy talking about. I love them to death but somethings are better left unsaid and undealt with.

Family is suppose to be there for one another, love each other with unconditional godly love, family is suppose to communicate and be able to rely on eachother. In most cases that isn’t what is happening.

You can’t judge others on their weakness or because they’d were unable to teach or even know about what family is so they drag their miserable lives into yours… you have to make the best from it.

Someone who’s known you for 10 minutes can love you more than someone for ten years… You are only able to pass on what you’ve learned. Luckily for me I’ve learned both sides of the coin and I’m able to do what is right when I start my own family..


Making a comment is more complex than one would think. You have to worry about what you’re trying to say and how to get your comment noticed. Seems simple…

According to blogger-podcaster here are  a few good tips for leaving a good blog comment.

  1. Keep your goal in mind.  Ask yourself what is your purpose of writing a comment? Knowing your goal  can help you decide what kind of comment to write.
  2. Stay on Topic. Whatever the blogger introduces to you, try your best to not stray from your topic. Remember you are the guest.
  3. Avoid the generalities. Don’t say things that won’t help the blogger or other commenters. For example, “Great Post!” or “I agree with everything you said”

Lyrical Poem…

I watch your lips moving
I see the words taking shape
But love’s like a language
I cannot translate
I can’t afford to be careless
And let you in
I turn my head for one minute
And lose everything

Wish I had someone whom I could lean
Cause everybody’s always counting on me
With my hands held real tight
Always ready to fight
For the few pieces of joy I have now
You have turned on a light
And I’ve lost my sight
But my heart still remembers the sound
Of a dream of a love one day found
Of a dream of a love one day found
So don’t let me down

Your past it may be rocky
But your present is clear
My present situation
Is the sum of all my fears
I take responsibility for the few things I done right
But I got so much on my plate
I’m scared to take another bite
Wish I had someone on whom I could lean
Still I don’t want no one’s charity

With my hands held real tight
Always ready to fight
For the few pieces of joy I have now
You have turned on a light
And I’ve lost my sight
But my heart still remembers the sound
Of a dream of a love one day found

Heartbreak and bullets can try
To steal any good from my life
Fathers and lovers have lied
Rivers have flowed from my eyes
Never seen love face to face
Just seen it walking away
Why would you think I would recognize
Something that’s never been mine

You have turned on a light
And I’ve lost my sight
But my heart still remembers the sound
Of a dream of a love one day found
You’re the dream of a love one day found
And the freedom from what kept me bound
And a promise of staying around
My eyes may not work for me now
But my heart sure remembers the sound
So if you saying it
Please say it loud
And don’t let me down


Amel Larrieux – Don’t Let Me Down – YouTube